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Every Dolphin Heater is constructed to the highest of industry standards using quality parts and materials.

From the 304 stainless steel enclosure to the solid brass and copper heater assembly, no Dolphin part will ever rust! When you purchase a Dolphin Tankless Water Heater, you can be assured of Superior Quality, Performance, Energy Savings, Space Savings and Safety. These units require only one breaker!

We’ve matched our Superior Tankless Hot Water Heater with a line of High Tech Shower Heads (available on our web site) that will provide an endless supply of hot water while conserving one of mother nature's most valuable resources.

Features of the Dolphin D2 Series include:

  • State of the art components designed for many years
    of performance and reliability.
  • Dolphin’s own highly sensitive flow switch, capable
    of sustaining safe heating at as low as .25 gal/min of flow.
  • Three layers of over heating protection for your safety.
  • Energy is saved by limiting power to only one element when full power is not needed.
  • Dolphin Heaters are made to last a lifetime vs. tank
    heaters, which rust out and fill with scale.
  • Dolphin Heaters save space and energy while providing an endless supply of hot water safely and efficiently.
  • Dolphin Heaters mount conveniently on the wall, freeing up valuable floor space. 
  • Dolphin Heaters use energy only when you turn on a hot water appliance and shut off when you finish using them.
    (Why heat water all day and night?)
  • Dolphin Heaters will heat water safely and continuously at a flow rate of as low as .25 gallons / minute without over heating.
  • Dolphin Heaters rapidly adjust to water flow using only the energy that's needed to heat your water.
  • Dolphin Heaters are made to last a lifetime and will never rust out or leak.
  • Dolphin Heaters do not propagate bacteria or other undesirable organisms like conventional tank water heaters.
  • Dolphin Heaters and our oxygen-infused, low-flow shower heads conserve valuable natural resources so you can rest assured that you are doing you part to help mother earth.


D – 2 (two chamber)

Dolphin Heater Overview

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